Since 1958

BOARD - Fran Gholamipour

  • Previous to event co-chair event planners:
    1. Inform guest relations of number of tables for members attending, tables for vendors, tables for speaker and AV equipment needed for speaker. Have the guest relation’s people open all the floor outlets per table to allow members to charge equipment for workshop handouts.
    2. Choose continental breakfast, lunch items, pm snacks and beverages and inform the head of kitchen of those choices via email and the dates of the in-services.
  • On in-service days co-chairs events planners:
    1. Arrive earlier than the board to put out decorations and candy as centerpieces on tables.
  • Throughout the year, event co-chair event planners:
    1. Inform the SCCOE head of guest relations via email of 2 back to back dates in the months of October and late January/early February one year ahead of time.
    2. Chose venue for annual May luncheon. Sign contract, chose menu items and inform newsletter editor of the menu options before newsletter is due to go out to members.
    3. Purchase centerpieces for May luncheon tables.
    4. Secure a room at venue or close to venue for post event board meetings.
    5. Store reusable centerpieces.
    6. Archive menus, and venue information electronically for next co-chair event planners.
    7. Report costs to the Board and submit a written statement with receipts to the Treasurer at the Board meeting; for reimbursement of all items purchased the day of the in-service or luncheon- candy, centerpieces
    8. Attend all workshops and meetings of this Association. One or the other co-chair must attend. Report on any changes, updates, occurring with cost or venue at board meetings in-service/luncheon. Coordinate with board members as needed before or on the day of the in-service/luncheon.