Since 1958

BOARD - Katrina Boom

  • Officiates as parliamentarian and historian.
  • Acts as Chair of the committee on nominations for Honors of the Association, Scholarship, and nominations for incoming Board Members of the Association.
    1. The Nominating Committee will present nominations for all positions at the May meeting. The following policies and procedures apply to the Nominating Committee and to the nomination of officers of this Association:
      1. The Nominating Committee shall be composed of three members of the Executive Council, with the acting Past President as Chair.
      2. The Nominating Committee shall verify the eligibility of the nominees and prepare the final slate for submission to the voting membership.
      3. No member shall hold more than one office at a time during the membership year.
      4. It is the responsibility of the Nominating Committee to consider the interests of all members, such as interests related to various professional fields, professional work settings, and specialty areas.
    2. The Association bestows honors and awards at the discretion of the Honors Committee as defined in the Standing Rules.
    3. The Association bestows a scholarship at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee as defined in the Standing Rules.
    4. Election Procedure
      1. Acting Past President will present the slate of nominated and appointed officers at the May meeting.
      2. The membership will then vote and the new Executive Board will be presented by the Acting Past President.
  • Submits information on the above for the newsletter.