Since 1958

BOARD - Cheryl Padalino

  • Prior to an In-service (or at the in-service)
    1. Get checks from the corresponding secretary (by mail or in person)
    2. Deposit checks at most earliest convenience.
  • At the In-service (the treasurer and corresponding secretary work on these duties together, unless otherwise noted)
    1. Sets up registration table approximately 30 minutes ahead of start of registration.
    2. Have petty cash, pens, receipt forms, SCCSHA stamp, and adding machine. Registration list, sign-in sheets and sign out sheets are created and printed by corresponding secretary.
    3. Collect any registration money if not pre-paid (there should be a note on the registration list if someone didn’t pay, didn’t pay correct amount, etc.
    4. Make sure attendees sign in and collect needed forms/agendas/etc.
    5. Stay out at registration table about 10-15 minutes into opening remarks for latecomers.
    6. Collect briefcase and registration items and bring into the in-service room with you for safekeeping.
  • After the In-service
    1. Separate checks into piles for different denominations.
    2. Use calculator to run tape of all checks. Subtotal the amount. Keep cash separate. You must use the adding machine tape to make the deposit.
    3. Deposit the money as soon as possible.
    4. Keep track of net registration amount (keep separate in-service and membership amounts), total amount of in-service cost, total profit/loss of in-service. This will be presented at the next board meeting.
  • Miscellaneous
  • PAC donations usually are around January. Check is made out to “CSHA PAC” and forwarded to CSHA at 825 University Ave. Sacramento, CA 95825.
  • Contribution to CSHA District 4 reception is made out around January.
  • Scholarship donation is $1000.00. Checks are made out to individual college foundations (not to the scholarship recipients). Money is to be used for tuition. Recipients are invited to SCCSHA luncheon as a guest.
  • SCCSHA is a non-profit organization. Our taxpayer identification number is 94-2521548. This is found in the ledger book on the inside cover.
  • Citibank has issued SCCSHA an ATM card so deposits can be made during non-banking hours.
  • It is important to deposit in-service checks, in a timely manner, to eradicate the possibility of in-service attendees requesting their bank to stop payment on their check. This practice seemed to occur when therapists, at the last minute, decided not to attend the in-service. If the checks are mailed to the treasurer, as soon as they are received by SCCSHA, it may eliminate this problem.
  • I found it helpful to bundle all the receipts from each in-service together, for quick reference.
  • When receiving reimbursement slips from the board members, I follow through with a phone call informing them that I received their letter and that their check will be mailed to them.