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BOARD - Ann England

Ann England
Legislative Chair
  • Writing a column for each newsletter on pertinent legislation to the field of Speech, Language, and Hearing
    1. To write the column for each newsletter on pertinent legislation to the field of Speech, Language and Hearing:
    2. Obtain accurate, pertinent and up-to-date information for the column by sending an email to the current CSHA Commissioner on Legislation asking him/her to provide you with any pertinent legislative information and a copy of the Government Relations Update the CSHA attorneys provides the CSHA Board. This report will be made available to you after the CSHA Board meeting.
    3. Visit the CSHA website at; click on the link “Issues and Advocacy”; select Legislation in the drop-down menu; click on the link: Legislation of Interest to CSHA.
    4. Review past Legislative SCCHSA Newsletters for exemplars of column submissions regarding length and style. Make sure your submission is:
      1. unbiased and objective
      2. relevant to the everyday work of the SLPs and Audiologists who are your target audience
      3. written in an understandable and easy to read style
      4. offering a way for the reader to learn more about the information
    5. The email address and due dates for the newsletter submission will be provided to you at the August Board meeting.
  • Present relevant information at the Executive Board meetings
    1. Print and bring copies of your Legislative newsletter column to share verbally at the SCCHSA Board meeting
  • Assist with set-up, registration, and/or CEU registration at each meeting of this Association
  • Attends all workshops and meetings of this Association.